USA Elite Select


It is the mission of USA Elite Select to create opportunities for elite fastpitch players to showcase their skills in competitive settings; provide resources that educate and empower athletes, coaches, and parents; and to walk alongside our athletes in serving the community.


Our vision for USA Elite Select is to enhance elite level softball by focusing on the development of the athletes, creating competitive environments, and servicing the entire fastpitch community. USA Elite Select is committed to providing athletes the tools and the competitive platform by which they can accomplish their dreams in softball and in life.


USA Elite Select is the elite division of USSSA Fastpitch. It is a national program that includes elite level events for teams and individual athletes. This program is reserved for the top teams and athletes playing within USSSA Fastpitch as well as the goal of aspiring teams and athletes who want to progress to the elite level.

USA Elite Select events will provide a pathway for teams and individuals to reach our pinnacle elite events including the World Fastpitch Championship, Summer Nationals, and Select 30 National Training Camp. This national program helps fulfill our goal of providing all fastpitch players with a place to play and enhances local programs by offering teams and athletes greater variations in levels of play.


A USA Elite Select Committee, lead by the National Director of Fastpitch, will oversee the national direction of the program and the regional calendar of events. USAES Committee members will work with USSSA State Directors and USAES event hosts to provide a full regional calendar of WFC Qualifiers, USAES Showcases, and USAES Invitationals that best support each region. Committee members will oversee the allotted WFC and Summer Nationals berths in their respective regions and will provide consistent communication to USAES teams and directors.

Committee members will work with directors in their region to build and retain relationships with elite coaches, elite organizations, and college coaches. USAES Committee members will work with our National Coordinator of Officials to ensure umpires are qualified to officiate elite-level events and are abiding by USSSA standards.

USAES National Committe


World Fastpitch Championship — The WFC is the premier championship event for USA Elite Select and will offer a limited number of available berths to teams in the 9U/10U/11U/12U/13U/14U/16U/18U age divisions. Teams earn the right to play in the WFC via WFC Qualifiers, returning berths, and at large selections.

Summer Nationals — The USAES Summer National is reserved for elite level teams who did not receive a berth to the WFC in their respective age division. The Summer Nationals offers a limited number of berths per age division and teams must earn the right to play via WFC Qualifiers (2nd to 4th finish), winning a USSSA A National Championship, Super NITs, returning berths and at large selections. Summer Nationals will be offered in the 10U/12U/14U/16U/18U age divisions.

WFC Qualifiers — WFC Qualifiers will be hosted across the country by USAES Directors and will be limited based on available WFC berths in the region. Regional berth allotments are determined by the USAES National Committee. WFC berths will be granted to the Champion of each age division. WFC Qualifiers will be available in the 10U/12U/14U/16U/18U age divisions. Top finishing single age teams (9U/11U/13U) in WFC Qualifiers can earn a berth to the 9U/11U/13U WFC divisions. A national Calendar of WFC Qualifiers will be announced to provide teams a ?Road to the WFC.?

USAES Showcase — Showcases sanctioned under the USA Elite Select brand will be reserved for elite teams and will provide athletes with exposure to college coaches. Showcases do not have direct WFC berths attached to the event but top finishing teams, in single elimination showcases that play to a winner, can build their at large resume. These showcases will run predominantly in the Fall Division I recruiting window and Summer Division I recruiting window. Age divisions can include 12U/14U/16U/18U.

USAES Invitationals — Invitationals sanctioned under the USAES brand will be invitation-only events. These are not WFC Qualifying events and do not have berths attached. Age divisions can include 9U/10U/11U/12U/13U/14U/16U/18U.

Select 30 National Training Camp — The Select 30 National Training Camp is the most elite level event for individual athletes in USSSA Fastpitch. This is an invitation only event where individual athletes earn the right to attend via a national selection process. This training camp will provide athletes in the 14U-18U age divisions with next level training and competition that will help prepare them for college and beyond. The four day, data-driven event will be hosted between Christmas and New Years in Viera, FL at the USSSA Space Coast Complex.

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